Transformer Maintenance Services Australia (TMS)


Transformer Maintenance Services (TMS) was founded in the ACT in 2012 with the purchase of Energy Services Invironmental (ESI Australia). A new factory and offices have been established in Hume , ACT, which continues to service all states. ESI had more than 25 years experience in the field of Transformer Oil filtration and regeneration.

TMS Mission Statement

# TMS is a service oriented company specialising in the filtration and regeneration of transformer oil, utilising state of the art equipment and highly skilled technicians to provide a means of enhancing operating efficiencies and longevity of Transformers and associated equipment. Through the processes employed, impact on the environment is minimized, ensuring a sustainable business committed to serving the community.

  • Services Oil Regeneration

    oil regeneration

    On-line Transformer Oil Regeneration not only restores the oil to new oil conditions, it also removes acidity, sludge and soluble oil decay ....

  • Services Services

    • Oil Sampling and Testing
    • Transformer Oil Regeneration
    • Supply of Regenerated Oil
    • Vacuum Filling of New Transformers
    • Vacuum Drying of Transformers
    • Supply/Install filtration systems
    • Supply/Install Dry-Out systems
    • Supply/Install of filtration and dryout systems for transformer Winding, Tap Changer, Switchgear
    • PCB Dechlorination
    • PCB Transport of oil and equipment
    • Supply specialist Lubrication oil filtration equipment
    • Gasket and Bush replacement
    • Collection and recycling of waste transformer oil
    • Retrofills of transformers
    • Onsite waste PCB free (<2ppm) oil processing/regeneration for individual site reuse

  • Services Contact Us

    ACT - Head Office
    Hume ACT 2620
    P: 1300 374 476
    P: 02 6131 7500
    F: 02 6260 1050
    Western Australia
    P: 08 9584 2719
    F: 08 9584 2704