On-Line / Off- line Oil Regeneration

# On-line Transformer Oil Regeneration not only restores the oil to new oil conditions, it also removes acidity, sludge and soluble oil decay products from the transformer windings and cooling system, lowering operating temperatures and preventing re-contamination of the oil. Maintaining the chemical properties of insulating oil through regeneration every eight to twelve years on each transformer ensures reduced risk of unplanned outages, reduced maintenance costs and maximum Transformer life and reliability. Transformer Oil Regeration

TMS also specialises in regenerating Transformer oil in storage tanks on site, thus enabling the client to re-use their oil eliminating oil wastage and reducing their carbon footprint. The technology employed uses an environmental friendly medium – Fullers earth, for filtering which is re-activated between 200 and 300 times . No disposal of oil soaked waste is therefore required.

Oil Regeneration Plants

Transformer Oil Regeration 1 column Transformer Oil Regeration Transformer Oil Regeration Transformer Oil Regeration

TMS operates a number of single and multi- column mobile regeneration plants giving them the capacity to perform oil treatment on transformers ranging in size from a few hundred litres to in excess of 100 000 litres.

TMS by acquisition of ESI, have in recent years broadened their base by including oil regeneration plants that are more versatile in terms of capacity and capability. Adding to the initial stationary oil regeneration plant and the larger mobile plants, smaller mobile regeneration plants are now available. These machines are able to fit into areas that the large machines are unable to negotiate. They cater for small distribution transformers with oil quantities of 100 to 1400 litres. They are also versatile in that they can be used to vacuum fill new or re-furbished transformers , regardless of size.

The larger , multi column regeneration plants are mounted in semi-trailers, which are equipped with a control room and are fully automated , allowing the operators to monitor the process via PLC. All regeneration plants run by TMS are able to operate on either energised or non-energised transformers.

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    oil regeneration

    On-line Transformer Oil Regeneration not only restores the oil to new oil conditions, it also removes acidity, sludge and soluble oil decay ....

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    • Oil Sampling and Testing
    • Transformer Oil Regeneration
    • Supply of Regenerated Oil
    • Vacuum Filling of New Transformers
    • Vacuum Drying of Transformers
    • Supply/Install filtration systems
    • Supply/Install Dry-Out systems
    • Supply/Install of filtration and dryout systems for transformer Winding, Tap Changer, Switchgear
    • PCB Dechlorination
    • PCB Transport of oil and equipment
    • Supply specialist Lubrication oil filtration equipment
    • Gasket and Bush replacement
    • Collection and recycling of waste transformer oil
    • Retrofills of transformers
    • Onsite waste PCB free (<2ppm) oil processing/regeneration for individual site reuse

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