Transformer Oil Sampling and Diagnostics


Condition monitoring is of paramount importance to the maintenance of your transformers. Oil sampling is conducted by the experienced personnel of TMS thereby ensuring consistency of the sampling process and the reliability of laboratory test data. Oil analysis and subsequent recommendations are made based on the diagnostic results presented by TJH2b, backed by expert opinion from SD Myers and Transformer manufacturing experts. #

TMS technicians have vast experience in the electrical industry and can assist with all your diagnostic testing requirements. The analysis / diagnostics conducted by TJH2b have a guaranteed turnaround of full oil analysis results within 14 days and emergency test results within 24 hours.

  • Services Oil Regeneration

    oil regeneration

    On-line Transformer Oil Regeneration not only restores the oil to new oil conditions, it also removes acidity, sludge and soluble oil decay ....

  • Services Services

    • Oil Sampling and Testing
    • Transformer Oil Regeneration
    • Supply of Regenerated Oil
    • Vacuum Filling of New Transformers
    • Vacuum Drying of Transformers
    • Supply/Install filtration systems
    • Supply/Install Dry-Out systems
    • Supply/Install of filtration and dryout systems for transformer Winding, Tap Changer, Switchgear
    • PCB Dechlorination
    • PCB Transport of oil and equipment
    • Supply specialist Lubrication oil filtration equipment
    • Gasket and Bush replacement
    • Collection and recycling of waste transformer oil
    • Retrofills of transformers
    • Onsite waste PCB free (<2ppm) oil processing/regeneration for individual site reuse

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