Transformer Vacuum Dryout Unit (TVD)

Transformer Vacuum Dryout Unit The TMS TVD incorporates all the necessary features to allow a transformer to remain in-service while moisture and combustible gases and oxygen are effectively removed from its insulation. The system is safe with several alarm features that shut the system off isolating it from the transformer , in the event of any abnormal signal. The TVD provides a non-intrusive, cost effective and convenient method of maintaining transformers in a dry condition. The TVD uses Vacuum dehydration to remove moisture and gases from the oil allowing the removal of large volumes of water.

Applications :

  • Drying wet transformers and insulation
  • Drying transformers not braced for vacuum
  • Drying transformers that cannot be taken out of service
  • Purifying oil in bulk storage tanks.
  • On site filling of transformers, cables, etc.
  • Services Oil Regeneration

    oil regeneration

    On-line Transformer Oil Regeneration not only restores the oil to new oil conditions, it also removes acidity, sludge and soluble oil decay ....

  • Services Services

    • Oil Sampling and Testing
    • Transformer Oil Regeneration
    • Supply of Regenerated Oil
    • Vacuum Filling of New Transformers
    • Vacuum Drying of Transformers
    • Supply/Install filtration systems
    • Supply/Install Dry-Out systems
    • Supply/Install of filtration and dryout systems for transformer Winding, Tap Changer, Switchgear
    • PCB Dechlorination
    • PCB Transport of oil and equipment
    • Supply specialist Lubrication oil filtration equipment
    • Gasket and Bush replacement
    • Collection and recycling of waste transformer oil
    • Retrofills of transformers
    • Onsite waste PCB free (<2ppm) oil processing/regeneration for individual site reuse

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